Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Annual Conference,

Good afternoon. We are less than two weeks away from the August 20 called Annual Conference Session set for 10 am via Zoom. There are two items of business on the agenda for our called session: completing the process of disaffiliation for churches who have met the requirements outlined in paragraph 2553 in The Book of Discipline and voting on an adjusted 2023 budget. Those details are below for your review prior to the session. 

As a reminder, a zoom meeting link and voting credentials will be issued on Tuesday, August 16 via email. If you are a member of the Annual Conference and do not receive an email on August 16 please reach out to me. As a reminder: unless you fall in one of the categories of members who are exempt, a registration fee** was due on or before August 7 in order to receive voting credentials. If you experienced extenuating circumstances and still need to pay the fee please reach out to the Administrative Services office no later than tomorrow, August 9.

I offer this video to you from Bishop David Graves. 

Grace and peace,

Meredyth Earnest
SGA Conference Secretary

**those exempt from paying the fee: retired clergy not serving a church and clergy on medical leave were exempt from this fee and will automatically receive their credentials. 

Business Items
Resolution Approving Disaffiliation of Local Churches
The South Georgia Conference will vote to ratify the decision of local churches to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church. Click here to read the full resolution, which includes the names of churches requesting disaffiliation. 

Proposed Adjusted 2023 Budget
The South Georgia Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) is proposing three adjustments to the 2023 budget, which was approved during the June regular session of the annual conference. This proposed adjusted budget will be voted on during the called session. Click here to read more and read the report coming from CFA.

Special Called Session Basics
In February, Bishop David Graves announced a special session of the Annual Conference. You may read the call here. It is anticipated that the meeting will last approximately one hour. As a reminder, a special conference session allows only for business pertaining to the call; no other business may be considered.


  • Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • GNTV Online Webinar/Voting Instructions 
  • Organizing Motions
  • Attendance Vote 
  • Resolution Approving Disaffiliations of Local Churches 
  • CFA Report: Revision of the 2023 SGA Annual Conference Budget
  • Closing Motions 
  • Adjournment 

There will be a live streaming option on the conference website for guests to view the called session. No fee is required.

Who Votes
Elected lay members will serve as the voting lay members for the called session. Clergy membership of the annual conference is defined in ¶32 of The Book of Discipline

Voting Credentials
All conference members who have paid their registration fee by the August 7 deadline will receive their voting credentials on Tuesday, August 16. No Voter IDs will be issued after this date. As a reminder, retired clergy not serving a church and clergy on medical leave were exempt from this fee and will automatically receive their credentials. 

Online Voting Platform & Technology Needed
We will be utilizing GNTV’s online voting platform. This is the same system we have used for the past three annual conference sessions. You will need an internet-connected device such as a desktop or laptop computer with speakers, tablet, or smartphone. You will access the session using a web browser (i.e. the platform you use to get on the Internet, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). A webcam is not necessary. Only videos of conference leaders will be shown during the session. You will also need to either open a separate tab in your internet browser window to be able to vote, or choose to utilize a second internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to use solely as a voting device. 

We will take one practice vote at the beginning of our session. However, if you would like a refresher prior to August 20 on how to utilize GNTV’s voting platform they have created a website page with a tutorial video and quick guides. Click here to visit the site.

Appointment Book
At the conclusion of the August 20 called session an updated appointment book will be available on the conference website. 

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SGA Conference Secretary: Meredyth Earnest