Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Annual Conference and Conference Leaders,

We are busy preparing for the 2019 Annual Conference Session, which will be held at The Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center set for June 2-5, 2019.

Last year, Bishop Bryan led us in celebrating all the ways we are “Alive Together in Worship.” We also prepared for a year-long emphasis on being “Alive Together in the World” and will continue that celebration at the 2019 Annual Conference Session. I pray that you are finding many ways to reach out to the world in word and deed as you share the gospel of Jesus Christ through your witness and your work. 

Our host District Superintendent, Dr. Buddy Cooper, the Local Arrangements Coordinator, Dr. James Crosse, and the area volunteers are already planning for our time in Columbus. 

Hotel room blocks are now open. Valley Hospitality in Columbus has secured over 600 rooms for our event. All of the hotels on the list will be providing shuttle service to the Convention & Trade Center. Rooms must be booked by May 1 to receive the discounted price. 

Valley Hospitality has created a website just for South Georgia Conference United Methodists to make booking your hotel easy and streamlined. For those who prefer to make reservations over the phone, they have provided the phone number for each hotel on the website. Click here to view the list of hotels.

If you have any questions or issues booking rooms, please contact Valley Hospitality's Concierge Service Team at (706) 489-4037 or

Additional information related to the annual conference session will be posted on the conference website,

Please note: this email is being sent to all clergy and lay members to Annual Conference who have been entered so far this Charge Conference season as well as conference and agency leaders. Because not all Charge Conferences have been completed we realize that we will not have names for all lay members. Clergy, please make sure your lay member to Annual Conference gets this information ASAP. Laity, please make sure your clergy has this information as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  

Dr. Nita Crump, Conference Secretary 


Banquets If you have a group that would like to plan a banquet or special event, contact Lisa Marie Ming at or 706-256-1017. 

2018 Conference Journals The 2018 Journals will be available soon. When they’re complete, a separate email will be sent with ordering and download information. Information will also be available at

Connectional Ministries: Alive Together in the World  As we spend this year focusing on being Alive Together in the World leading up to Annual Conference 2019, watch the Advocate and the conference website for stories about churches who are reaching out to the world in many different ways. If you and your congregation need help creating ways to be Alive Together in the World, please call Connectional Ministries at 888-266-7642. One of the Connectional Ministries staff members will be happy to work with you to design an outreach program that helps you be more Alive Together in the World. Please also watch for the many new programs and activities sponsored by Connectional Ministries that will be available beginning in January. Through these programs and activities, we can truly be Alive Together in the World in our Annual Conference! 

Questions For questions regarding the business of Annual Conference, please contact Dr. Nita Crump at For questions regarding local arrangements, please contact Maggie Roberson at or 706-327-4343. For general inquiries, contact Kelly Roberson at 912-270-6172 or



Dr. Nita Crump, Conference Secretary,